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TruSelf Training’s Fitness Professionals are all nationally recognized and design specific solution exercises for your individual workout program. Everyone’s program is completely different and its based off your fitness needs, medical limitations, current fitness level and time frame.

1 Hour Visits: You will be working out with your trainer on customized exercises designed to progress you toward your goal. We offer training programs that include all training purposes such as focusing on education or general maintenance, overall body transformations, or completing a true lifestyle change.

Half Hour Visits: Working on fitness goals in half the time! Very efficient workouts designed to progress you toward your goal.

Group Training Visits: If you have a friend(s) that are around your same fitness level, we can train more than one person together while still considering any limitations that each individual may have. It is a fun way to train and allows you to share the experience of working out with someone that enjoys being healthy like you.

Boot Camp: Add some variety to your workouts! This type of exercise is designed to be sure you are mixing up your exercises constantly. In a group atmosphere, you will work your muscles, cardiovascular system, core, balance – all in one workout! So bring your friends! If you need a new challenge and are looking for a fun change to your workouts, Boot Camp is for you!

Boxing Conditioning: Increase the intensity of your workouts: boxing is a great way to exercise your muscular and cardiovascular system all at once. It combines strength training and muscle endurance – providing very efficient workouts. Break through plateaus and change your body by taking this group class. There is no sparring involved and this class is for all skill levels.

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