Truself Training


TruSelf Training is a personal training company with the experience and tools necessary to take your fitness facility to the next level. We have the abilities and resources to add additional sales tools to your membership presentations and provide a highly educated fitness staff to complement your fitness facility. We pay you to host our personal training company!

The company began with the collaboration of individuals that are enthusiastic and passionate about inspiring and educating others about health and fitness. The founders, Christine Quilici and Josh Perez, aspire to reach out to as many people and locations as they can to promote fitness and healthy lifestyles. As a result, the company is designed to be installed and operate out of any fitness facility, anywhere! They work closely with trainers that are similar to them – resulting in many satisfied gym members that see results, feel stronger, and have the opportunity to learn about the best way to train their body and ultimately change their lifestyles.

Christine Quilici and Josh Perez take a personal interest in hiring, developing, and managing district fitness managers, fitness managers, fitness professionals and personal training programs. We, and our fitness professionals, have been integral factors in the success of many different individuals with vastly different goals. For more information about our company TruSelf Training, the people we work with, please explore the biographies section. If you are interested in training with one of our Fitness Professionals, retaining your members, or by wanting to supplement additional revenue to your fitness facility, please contact us.

Mainly, we all agree on one idea – that success starts with your self!

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